EDD Marketing

Grow your EDD store & reduce support tickets

Intelligent automated emails (that customers will love)

Create personalized emails – using all your EDD customer data

All your customer purchases, license keys, active sites, and other data are available to customize your messages.

Reach out automatically – at just the right moment

Email customers proactively based on their behavior. Anticipate support issues or the potential for an upsell.

Stay human and personal with your customers – at scale.

It's easy to be personal early on, but as you grow you inevitably sound more and more like Big Boring Biz, Inc.

Smart Upselling

Use each customer's purchase history, license info & active sites to prompt them when they're ready


Write your personal message


Plan the best time to send it


Grow your sales revenue

Proactive Support

Watch for warning signs and reach out to customers before they have to ask for help

Targeted Onboarding

Help your customers get started with the help they need. You could send installation instructions along with their download link, only if they haven't activated within 2hrs of purchase.

Smart check-in after purchase

We've all seen the automatic "Hello $customer$, have any questions?" email, but it can backfire. Only send the check-in email to customers you haven't heard from yet.

Reach out to Frustrated Customers

If a customer has viewed documentation on your site and still hasn't activated they might be frustrated. Automatically ask if they need anything.

Interested? Questions about getting started?

Oh yeah, we'll help you get everything setup too 🙂